Lei Liang's Localizationalism Represents Chinese New Art in Liverpool Biennial 08

Lei Liang, a Chinese Localizationalist artist, participated Liverpool Biennial 2008 of International Visual Arts.
In Chinese contemporary art, Lei is a renovative artist who doesn't follow the main stream to copy other countries' art forms. With his own individuality and artistic character, he holds a brilliant flag against the main Chinese copy art and ruffian art.
We Chinese have our own art forms and philosophical system, and we have our own root. Why copy and follow other forms from outsider countries? Lei said.
To learn from other countries is quite necessary and essential for us. What we need is to create instead to copy, to lose ourselves, Lei added.
That's why he is always alone, at his philosophycal summit. All Chinese exhibitions, galleries, curators and critics united for only one reason: refuse Lei Liang.
That is why the Biennial organizers paid attention to this newly emerged artist from China. He is completely different from almost all other artists.
With Chinese spirit and western oil materials and techniques, he created a magnificent metaphysical illusion for Chinese contemporary art forms. His weapon is Chinese mountain and water as well as peony. He uses them to pk other artists' copy art and ruffian art.
His art was chosen by Biennial curators as "a reaction to the pervasive documentary focus of much contemporary art, highlighting the emotional charge within artistic imagination and our fascination with and need for 'making things up'."
And Nicole Bartos writes the commentary to Lei Liang's Localizationalist Art "Sun over Mountain and Water", as follows:
"Lei Liang captures the universal essence of colour. The sunset light behind the mountains is somehow alive and almost changing for the eye. A painter with great sensitivity and awareness for colour and its energy vibration. The work takes me in a metaphysical space; a space modelled for the human mind, where silence and meditation can meet; a space that can take shape within the colourful waves of diverse frequency.An expression of floating energy and the subconscious' perception of time in a universal space.
Nicole Bartos, Oct. 23, 2008, Liverpool. (Nicole Bartos: a famours art curator at Liverpool Biennial of International Visual Arts 2008)

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