Art Resume

Name: Lei Liang
Sex: Male
Nationality: Chinese

1998-present, Recluse for reading, thinking, and painting, Beijing, China
1997 Study at Oil Painting Materials Seminar, Oil Painting Dept., Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1996-98 Teach at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
1995 Work at the Organizing Committee of China Art Expo, Ministry of Culture, Beijing, China
1992-94 Study European arts and culture, and visit museums and galleries in Europe, Paris, Warsaw, Moscow etc
1986-92 Teach at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China
1982-86 Work at China National Textile Import and Export Corporation, Jiangxi Branch, Nanchang, China
1982 Graduation from Western Languages and Literature Department, Peking University, Beijing, China

2008 Liverpool Independents Biennial 2008, Liverpool, UK
2008 Meet Me at Sunset, Liverpool, UK
2005 Barcelona VI Aniversario VirtuArt, Spain
2004 Intimate Flora, USA
1997 Rethinking the 20th Century: The Chinese Perspective, David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, Chicago, USA
1996 Contemporary Art Invitation Exhibition, Beijing Music Hall, Beijing, China
1995 The 18th South Korea Art and Culture Grand Exhibition, Asian Art and Culture Association of Korea, Seoul, Korea
1991 Sino-Japan Youth Exhibition, Tokyo
1990 Asian-Pacific Contemporary Art Documentary Exhibition, sponsored by Museum of Modern Art of New York, Sidney, Australia
1986 Lei Liang Art Exhibition, sponsored by the China National Artists Association, Wuhan, China

An Undulate World in Pure Colours - Lei Liang's Oil Painting on Rice Paper, by Luo Shiping (art critic, Director of Art History Department at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Doctor Teacher), published in China Youth Daily, issue 1997-1-19
Pure Heart in Magnificent Mountains and Waters - Lei Liang and His Painting, by Liu Yan (contemporary art critic), published in Culture Monthly, issue 1996-7
Painting from Another World - Comment on Mr. Lei Liang's Oil Painting on Rice Paper, by Li Yuan (Buddhist philosopher, Master at Religion Research Institute of China Social Sciences Academy), published in China Arts Journal, 1997-10-3
Lei Liang's Oil Painting: Style, Hua Gu, 1995
Lei Liang's Oil Painting: Technics, Hua Gu, 1995
Lei Liang's Oil Painting: Media, Hua Gu, 1995

"Lei Liang's painting contains strong emotional billows, a tangled combination of despair and optimism, gloom and vehemence, sorrow and joy, and at the same time, there exists a permanent placid as a sangfroid feeling after big sorrow and big happiness experiences." "No person can arrive to accomplish this special art assembly without idiosyncratic personality and powerful control." "In contemporary painting circles in China, we can rarely find at present any painter such as Lei Liang, so devoted to his own interior sight without any antiquated conventions."
-- Luo Shiping: "An Undulate World in Pure Colours -- Lei Liang's Oil Painting on Rice Paper"

"Indeed, this is extremely valuable for a modern man with such a pure impulse and recluse quality." "...we will certainly have opportunity to see this uprising new star painting in the sky a magnificent "Shan Hai Jing"."
-- Liu Yan: "Pure Heart in Magnificent Mountains and Waters -- Lei Liang and His Painting"

"Powerful sentimental colours with a striking personal pattern, and synthetic eastern and western languages with a fantastic atmosphere in idealism."
-- Hua Gu: "The Style of Lei Liang's Oil Painting"

Lei Liang Art Diary
Art Notes, 1984-1997
Comment on Van Gogh, 1985
On Degas, 1985
On Ingres and Delacroix, 1985

MAIN ART TRANSLATIONS (English, French, Chinese)
Documents of '97 Beijing International Computer Art Show, 1997
Larousse Encyclopedia – Western Literature, Friendship Publishing House, 1996
Comment on Artist Wang Guangyi, a long critic article by famous critic Lu Peng, published in Wang Guangyi Art Album, 1993
Who Can Be More Fortune Than Me? --Dialogue with Lichtenstein, an article from Art News, published in World Art, 1992
Korea Marching Towards World Art, an article from Art in America issue 91-4, published in Art and Market, issue 1992-2
John's New Works, an article from Art in America issue 91-3, published in Art and Market, issue 1992-2
Leo Casttelli Gallery: Warhol and Lichtenstein (an article from Art in America), published in Art and Market, issue 1992-3
Ego and Post-Modern Art, by W. V. During, published in Contemporary Art Series, issue 1992-2
Reconstruction of Abstractionism, 1988
The Creative Way to Paint, by David Friend, 1988
Modernity of Chinese Painting, by John Clark (London University), published in Art Trends, issue 1987-4

China Who's Who Dictionary Editorial Press, 1997
Dictionary of Famous Chinese (Grand Contemporary Culture), edited by China International Who's Who Institute,
Chinese Modern Artists and Their Works, 1997
World Who's Who (Art Volume), edited by Outstanding Chinese and Foreigners Research Center of Hong Kong, 1997
89-90 China Avant-Garde Art Annual, Contemporary Artists and Hong Kong News Press, 1991

China Pacific International Auction Co. Ltd., 1997
China Guardian Auctions Co. Ltd., 1997
Hanhai Art Auction Corporation, 1997
Sanxitang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 1996
Golden Education Book Store, Beijing, China, 1996
American Shelton Estate Management Group, Beijing, China, 1996
Global Entertainment Organization, California, USA, 1996
Galerie Montmartre, Paris, France, 1993

Plan and translation for '97 Beijing International Computer Art Show, Beijing, China, 1997
Assistance and translation for the Investigation Delegation of the Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer for the Progress of the Human, Beijing, Xi-an,
Nanchang, China, 1997
Organization and translation for '95 China Art Exposition, Beijing, 1995

Bachelor of Arts of Beijing University, Beijing, China, 1982
Excellence License of French Alliance College, Paris, France, 1979

English and French: Fluent
German, Polish and Japanese: A little
Chinese (oral and written): Fluent (native languague)

China Artists Association
Beijing Young Artists Association
China National Translators Association

Assistant professor


Chinese Artist Workshop provides the following services:
Subjects: landscape, mountain-water, peony, flower, flore, floral, portrait, figure, female nude, stairs, houses, building, still life, abstract styles.
Styles: classical, traditional, modern, contemporary, realistic, romantic, impressionist, expressionist, abstract, surrealistic, dreamscape, culture.
Professionals/experts: oil painters, wash and ink artist, decorators, designers, dealers, agents, collectors, collection, collectible, auction houses.
Decoration: fine arts and crafts, house plans, home deco/improvement, apartment planning advisor, interior decorating, hall, bedroom, sitting room, dinning room, living room, corridor, wall hangings, environment, offices, hotels, restaurants, corporate spaces, acrylic, architecture.
Lei Liang Chinese Oil Painting Studio
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